Even the most modern computer-based quote engines are unable to incorporate the countless underwriting exceptions we, as experienced case designers, can illustrate with confidence. Example: a current cigarette smoker can sometimes qualify for super-preferred non-tobacco rates with a brand name mutual insurer.  No quote engine will illustrate the 50% off rates we as experienced negotiators can deliver!

Therefore, whether you need a $250,000 10 year term quote, or need to prepare to present options for $200,000,000 of survivorship life coverage on international clients in their late 70s, we recommend you contact us personally.

We are usually available 7:30AM – 5PM Pacific Time and pride ourselves in quick turn around times with personal attention to fine details that make a difference to your client – and preempt your competitors.  Contact a team member:

Gayle Cooper, CLU
(562) 735-5141

Nicole Highwart
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Ty Jacobsen, CLU, ChFC
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Teresa J. Riewerts, CLU, ChFC, CASL
(303) 999-5855

For the next available team member you can request a call-back or outline your need via: requests@cpsadvantage.com.