Old-Prepare Your Business to Succeed Without You


Prepare Your Business to Succeed Without You

You’ve spent much of your life building a successful business.  You’ve provided the leadership to take your business where it is today.  But at some point in time you will have to transfer your business to others.

Planning for an orderly transfer of your business is essential.  It is the final test of greatness which defines your legacy for those who have come to depend on you: your family, your employees, and your customers.  A successfully executed business transition provides a sense of immortality.  You have created something that leaves a legacy for those you care about for years beyond your lifetime.

These pages introduce the most common business succession strategies.  We’ll work with your financial advisors to learn of your unique needs.  We’ll collaborate with attorneys, CPAs, and other specialists to develop business succession strategies that can work well in your setting.  The little bit of time you invest today will ensure that your business is transferred to appropriate parties, at the occurrence of predetermined events, and at a price that is determined in advance and is fair to you and/or your family.  Let’s get started by answering a few basic questions.