Even the most modern computer-based quote engines are unable to incorporate the countless underwriting exceptions we, as experienced insurance specialists, can negotiate and illustrate with confidence.  Therefore, we recommend you contact us personally.


We are usually available 7:30AM – 5PM Pacific Time and pride ourselves in quick turn around times with personal attention to fine details that make a difference to your client – and preempt your competitors. 


Contact a team member:


Gayle Cooper, CLU

(562) 735-5141



Nicole Highwart

(562) 735-5154



Teresa J. Riewerts, CLU, ChFC, CASL

(303) 999-5855



Ty Jacobsen, CLU, ChFC

(562) 735-5149



For the next available team member you can request a call-back or outline your need via: requests@cpsadvantage.com


If you still decide a quick computer generated quote based on a basic variables is all you need initially, you can access our basic life insurance quote engine at:


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