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Case Design / Advanced Business Solutions / Illustration Team Members

We identify our industry’s most ideal solutions whether the goal is to identify the lowest cost solution or perhaps the most flexible plan.  We negotiate challenging medical or financial underwriting solutions with our industry’s most aggressive insurers. 

Gayle Cooper, CLU

Advanced Case Analysis, Medical Underwriting Analysis, Creative Illustration Design

(657) 491-1241

Gayle Cooper is an illustrations specialist with CPS Advantage. Her role on the team includes advanced case analysis, medical underwriting analysis, and illustration design, but she also enjoys bringing a smile to her coworkers by emailing humorous gifs and memes. It is Gayle’s passion to design life, LTC and policy loan rescue insurance solutions to better meet the needs and goals of her clients.

Beginning her career in the insurance industry in the 1990’s, Gayle understands how important client relationships are to producers. Throughout her career, she has developed a passion for helping producers create a positive experience for their clients, ultimately exceeding client expectations and developing lifelong loyalty. Gayle has been assisting agents and attempting to make her coworkers at CPS Advantage giggle since 2011.

Gayle loves her job, her coworkers, and her customers. She helps support the CPS Advantage team by providing IT support. A mother of three sons, Gayle enjoys spending time with her family and friends at their second home on Lake Havasu, where they are active in motor and water sports. 

Nicole Highwart

Illustration Design, Marketing Support, Medical Underwriting Analysis

(657) 491-2671

Nicole Highwart provides life insurance solutions and marketing support to producers. She offers case-specific illustration design and medical underwriting analysis. She specializes in negotiating challenging impaired risk and avocational life insurance offers to find the best possible solution for clients.

Nicole provides fast, simple, efficient, and reliable service to maximize revenue for producers. She enjoys developing relationships with producers and their teams to ensure their clients always have a positive experience. She is also responsible for maintaining CPS Advantage’s corporate insurance licenses. Nicole joined the CPS Advantage team in 2013.

She previously served as the primary coordinator for CPS Advantage’s Center of Influence Marketing Initiative where she managed the vast library of producer COI files and marketing documents.

Outside of the office, you’ll often find Nicole spending time outdoors with her boyfriend. They enjoy hiking around the foothills of Southern CA, taking walks and exercising, cooking, visiting local museums, and relaxing on the beach.

Fun Facts about Nicole:

  • Her favorite food is mashed potatoes
  • She is OBSESSED with llamas and alpacas. You might find one or two pieces of llama paraphernalia hidden around her office if you look hard enough!
  • She has never had a cavity
  • She is a PADI certified scuba diver

Stefan Bruckel

Tax-Optimized Business Succession Plans / Executive Benefits / Key-Person / Buy-Sell / COLI / SERPs / Golden Handcuffs

(562) 201-3068

The success of a business depends on the expertise, reputation, and relationships of partners, co-owners and/or key employees.  They are a company’s most valuable asset.  It’s important to make sure a business has the right incentive package to make sure leaders stay for the long term – and that insurance is in place for for predictable and unpredictable events.

Let’s collaborate and identify the insurance industry’s most competitive solutions that enable a business to attract, retain, and reward their top talent with intelligent financial strategies that are cost-effective, tax-efficient, and structurally sound for the long term.  At the same time, let’s implement a plan that provides liquidity in case something happens to a key person or owner.  Let’s make sure that no matter what happens, the business and its employees continue to thrive while clients are well served long after the founder(s) are no longer able to continue.

Teresa Riewerts, CLU, CHFC, CASL

Advanced Case Analysis, Medical Underwriting Analysis, Creative Case Design

(303) 999-5855

Teresa Riewerts is an advanced case specialist providing expertise in complex cases.  It’s her passion to solve tough cases by finding better outcomes for her clients and fixing problematic or broken cases.  Whether the need involves estate, business continuation, retirement, business executive benefits, or personal coverage planning — she helps producers simplify their communications and place the best solutions.  A veteran of the life insurance industry, Teresa’s knack for finding alternative solutions where none would seem to exist, make her an ideal partner when creative case solutions are required.

Teresa lives in Southern California with her husband and their 3 daughters.  She loves living near the beach and spending time outdoors with the family.  Teresa is a running enthusiast and enjoys traveling.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University.