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Administrative / Contracting / Commissions Team Members

We make any required paper work as simple as possible.  We prefill appointment paper work so you don’t have to.  We confirm cases are paid quickly and commissions paid at the earliest possible time.  How can we help you?

Emma Ulmer

Case Coordinator, Licensing Manager, Special Projects
(562) 735-5150

Emma Ulmer had extensive experience in coordinating all aspects of even the most complex underwriting files.  She arranges for the smoothest possible underwriting experience both for our customers and our vendors.  Emma also oversees producer contracting and supervises countless special projects that require attention to detail.

Katherine Grant

Case Coordinator
(562) 735-5148

Katherine assists the New Business team with a variety of administrative tasks such as inputting and uploading applications and producer contracting materials.

Tisha Ozuna

Medical Record Procurement, Licensing & Contracting, Commission Tracking
(562) 735-5144

Tisha joined CPS Advantage in 2004.  Her prior experience working with a medical records copy service prepared her well for her future roles at CPS Advantage. Tisha knows all the tricks of the trade and can often secure medical records within a few short days – sometimes within hours.  Once cases are placed, she confirms cases are released for commissions ASAP, often facilitating case placement in time for our insurers’ commission cycle cut offs.  Tisha also support our advisors with various appointment and licensing requirements.